September 19-21, 2023
Bilbao, Spain
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Tuesday, September 19

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Sponsored Session: Jumpstart Your Journey to Cloud Native with SUSE Manager - Miguel Pérez Colino & Stacey Miller, SUSE Room 3F (3JAUREGIA - Floor 3) Mix Kubernetes with Linux Kernel Tracing to Boost the Observability of Your Cluster - Tzvetomir Iliev Stoyanov, VMware Room 0A (Floor 0) ADHD: The Power of Diagnosis - Amanda Brock, OpenUK & Bart Farrell, Independent Room 3G (3JAUREGIA - Floor 3) GMEM: Generalized OS Memory Management for Accelerators - Weixi Zhu, Huawei Room 3H (3JAUREGIA - Floor 3) Poisoned Pickles Make You Ill - Adrian Gonzalez-Martin, Seldon Technologies Ltd Room 0D-2-0D-3 (Floor 0) Implementing the OpenSSF Best Practices Badges & Scorecards Into Your Project - CRob, Intel & David A. Wheeler, The Linux Foundation Room 0E-2 (Floor 0) Understanding Observability in Kubernetes - Divine Akachukwu Odazie, Independent Room 0E-1 (Floor 0) Cross-dimensional Careers: Transitioning from Frontend to Backend - Jennifer Creighton & Wes Todd, Netflix Room 5HTERRAZA (Floor 5) Panel Discussion: OSPOs & Transition Paths for Regulated Environments - Ana Jimenez Santamaria, Linux Foundation; Remy DeCausemaker, CMS.gov; Nico Rikken, Alliander; Clare Dillon, InnerSourceCommons; Thomas Steenbergen... Room 3A (Floor 3) It's All About Trust: Why Confidential Computing Matters - Mike Bursell, Confidential Computing Consortium Room 0C (Floor 0) Open Source for Energy Access: How Open Innovations Promote Interoperability & Efficiency - Vivien Barnier, EnAccess Foundation Room 5A (Floor 5)

15:10 CEST

15:40 CEST

NanoVisor: Modernizing Container Runtime with an Architecture Refactor Over gVisor for Superior Performance - Jianfeng Tan & Tianyu Zhou, Ant Group Room 0A (Floor 0) Diversity in Open Source, an Asian Perspective - Masae Shida, VMware Room 3G (3JAUREGIA - Floor 3) Panel Discussion: Open Source Enterprise Blockchain Traction in Europe - Jesús Ruiz, Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem; Vanessa Santos, Fujitsu; Coenraad van Deventer, Circulor; Hart Montgomery, Hyperledger Founda... Room 3H (3JAUREGIA - Floor 3) Data Access Monitoring Operator (DAMO): User-Space Tool/Python Library for Access-Aware Profiling and Optimization of Your Linux Systems - SeongJae Park, Amazon Room 0B (Floor 0) Sponsored Session: MLOps: Why DevOps Solutions Fall Short in the Machine Learning World - Eduardo Bonet, GitLab Room 0D-2-0D-3 (Floor 0) BoF: Positioning Your Next Open Source or Standard Project for Success - Scott Nicholas, The Linux Foundation Room 0E-2 (Floor 0) Demystifying Platform Engineering with OSS - Gedd Johnson, Defense Unicorns Room 0E-1 (Floor 0) OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities in Node.js - Marco Ippolito, NearForm Room 5HTERRAZA (Floor 5) Adventures in Securing an Open Source Project: From Repo Security Zero to Hero - Kara Olive & Pedro Nacht, Google Room 0C (Floor 0) Sponsored Session: Don't Start Over, Start Left: Choosing the Right Open Source Component from the Start - Martin Hell, Opentext Room 3F (3JAUREGIA - Floor 3) OS-Climate: A Breakthrough Open Data and Open Source Analytics Collaboration for Accelerating Climate-Aligned Finance, Investing, Business and Policy - Matthew Sandoe, OS-Climate Room 5A (Floor 5)

16:35 CEST

18:00 CEST

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